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Sasha’s WeSNiP Story

Sasha-Lee Drews  |   Transport Coordinator


During my childhood my mom, a committed social advocate, would let “all walks of life” into our home. Nevertheless, she set strict boundaries with our guests: i.e. no swearing/smoking/drinking around me, being kind to me, etc. Though I thought their personalities were sometimes out of the ordinary, they gave me respect, and in turn, they gained mine. As a result, I began to learn not to judge others for the circumstances they were in.

Growing up I also had a variety of domestic animals (my childhood dog Alice Mae, several cats, rodents, and many fish), establishing a strong connection with animals early on, that I wouldn’t fully realize until my college years.

As my college graduation approached, I knew that I wanted to work with animals, but didn’t know how to make the most meaningful & productive impact. I worked in animal care at animal shelters, but still felt I wasn’t making a true difference; only able to help, or have a positive impact on the animals in my care for a finite amount of time.

I had heard about WeSNiP and wanted to learn more.  After several months of inquiry, I was given the opportunity to go along on a visit to Maple Falls, where we met with “all walks of life” clientele and their animals, both of which I innately gravitated towards wanting to help.

Within a short amount of time of working for WeSNiP, I realized this work of spaying and neutering was making a meaningful and productive difference. This was it. This was how to truly make an impact on the ‘big picture,’ so there are fewer & fewer animals out there that are unwanted or need our help.

It isn’t always easy; sometimes dealing with less than ideal circumstances, making hard decisions, and not being able to help EVERY one can be frustrating and challenging. Yet for those we can and do help, we can see that WeSNiP is making a positive and effective impact on our clients, the animals, and the community. Whether it’s the gratefulness we receive from our clients when we help them & their animal(s), the feral dairy farm mama cat that won’t be having another round of multiple heats and litters this year, or the annual statistics from our local humane society, we can see that spaying & neutering is making a difference on every level in Whatcom County. WeSNiP is a program I’m incredibly proud to be a part of and hope we can eventually “spay it forward” to other communities.

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