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WeSNiP regularly transports animals to and from surgery performed at the NOAH Center in Stanwood. We also work with the Whatcom Humane Society and the Alternative Humane Society to make sure their affordable spay/neuter programs are fully utilized.

WeSNiP’s job is to:

•  Work with you to schedule an appointment

•  Make sure you have sufficient funds for your pet’s surgery

•  Make sure that you have the necessary carriers & leashes

•  Make sure you can get to your appointment – if not we will arrange transport for your animals

Because you care about keeping animals in your life healthy and happy please contact us to talk about how WeSNiP can help.

Contact us at  360-733-6549  |  Between 10am & 2pm  |  Monday thru Thursday

Enjoy this gallery of cats  we’ve recently helped begin happier lives!
Photos of dogs to come soon!

Hungry kitten fed by colony caretakers.

Grandma Cat: Feral female trapped, spayed and returned to colony.

These black & white kittens are part of a free-roaming colony.  They’ve been “fixed” and returned to live a happy & healthy life.

This orange boy is recovering from injuries suffered in fights. Neutering males greatly reduces a cats urge to fight.