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Audrey’s WeSNiP Story

Audrey Seaholm  |  Executive Director

My WeSNiP story began several years ago when I crossed paths LilyandAudreywith the co-founder of WeSNiP, Patricia Maass. I first met Patricia when my family adopted a kitten from her foster care program. Missy, was a sweet, little girl with a malformed head. I now understand that such a deformity was a result of inbreeding. We wanted to give Missy a home where she would be loved for her entire life. It was unexpected when Missy passed away after being with our family for only three weeks. Our family was so sad, but the way that Patricia was so kind and comforting to me as I relayed Missy’s passing to her over the phone – through tears – made a lasting impression on me. Little did I know at the time, but this experience would contribute to my decision to become a part of the WeSNiP Team.

Having been an animal person all of my life, I believe wholeheartedly in WeSNiP’s mission to help cat and dog owners overcome identified barriers to having their pet spayed/neutered. I understand that there simply are not enough good homes for the many cats and dogs who are in need of one. That is why I am very proud of WeSNiP’s proactive program delivery that continues to generate measurable impact in our community. Looking ahead into the future I see a lot of program growth opportunity with WeSNiP. By continuing to approach our underserved communities with compassion and information I know that our mission will reach more and more people throughout Whatcom County. I know that with the continual sharing of the importance of spaying and neutering pets, that Whatcom County can significantly reduce the number of unwanted litters. This in turn will lead to less tears for the loss of animals who do not have a home simply because there are not a enough good homes. The pet overpopulation problem is a problem that can be “fixed” and WeSNiP is part of the solution.

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