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Opportunities: Sale Volunteer



WeSNiP’s fundraising Sales are our biggest fundraisers, providing a significant portion of the funds needed to deliver our mission, continuing to make spay & neuter services accessible & affordable! Our garage sales take place at our standing venue in Cordata Place. You can see the dates here (link to Save the Dates). The Sales are usually the first weekend of each month on Friday, Saturday & Sundays with morning, afternoon and all-day shifts (with lunch provided), available. We’re looking for outgoing, approachable, customer service-oriented volunteers who don’t mind being on their feet!

Volunteer opportunities for The Sales include:

  • Cashier: must have experience and be comfortable with reverse-entry adding machine & money handling in fast-paced environment
  • Cashier Assistant: assisting cashier with wrapping/packing items, stocking bags/boxes, bringing items to loading dock
  • Floor Monitor: walk around the venue, so that there’s a WeSNiP “presence” on the floor, watching for any potential shoplifting, organizing/”fluffing up” sections/items, assisting customers, as needed with price checks etc.
  • Loading dock: monitor customers’ items and help with loading items into their vehicles, assist with carrying heavier items.