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Opportunities: Sale Volunteer



WeSNiP’s fundraising Sales are our biggest fundraisers, providing a significant portion of the funds needed to deliver our mission, continuing to make spay & neuter services accessible & affordable! Our garage sales take place at our standing venue in Ferndale. You can see the dates here (link to Save the Dates). The Sales usually fall on Friday, Saturday & Sundays with morning, afternoon and all-day shifts (with lunch provided), available. We’re looking for outgoing, approachable, customer service-oriented volunteers who don’t mind being on their feet!

Volunteer opportunities for The Sales include:

  • Cashier: must have experience and be comfortable with reverse-entry adding machine & money handling in fast-paced environment
  • Cashier Assistant: assisting cashier with wrapping/packing items, stocking bags/boxes, bringing items to loading dock
  • Floor Monitor: walk around the venue, so that there’s a WeSNiP “presence” on the floor, watching for any potential shoplifting, organizing/”fluffing up” sections/items, assisting customers, as needed with price checks etc.
  • Loading dock: monitor customers’ items and help with loading items into their vehicles, assist with carrying heavier items.