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WeSNiP Sale Donation Policy

Items that WeSNiP is UNABLE TO ACCEPT: 


  • Any item that’s in poor or soiled condition – rips, stains, tears or holes, or smells
  • Any items with previous price tags or sale stickers
  • Baby equipment
  • Broken/chipped items
  • Computers/Printers/Typewriters
  • Cushioned furniture donations require pre-approval *
  • Electronics including computer monitors & TVs
  • Feathered items & items with animal fur or skins
  • Household chemicals & paint
  • Incomplete furniture sets, i.e. chairs with no table or vice versa
  • Lawn mowers & rototillers
  • Lighting fixtures requiring hardwiring, including: ceiling fans, chandeliers & pendant lights
  • Mattresses, box springs & bed pillows
  • Tires
  • Textbooks
  • Used carpet or used building materials
  • VHS, 8-track or cassette tapes
  • Weapons (guns, hunting knives, ammunition, arrows etc.)

*If possible, please e-mail a picture of the item to: info@wesnip.org for approval.

For additional information call 360-733-6549.
Travel map to Sale venue here.