# of surgeries:


Bringing in a Cat?

Kittens must be at least 3 pounds or 3 months old.

Yes! Feral cats are welcome. Please call to discuss. 360-733-6549.

Donations appreciated and essential to our ongoing operation.           Cash, checks, credit or debit cards accepted.

Things to Know About the Day of Your Appointment

  • Location: 2912 Northwest Ave., Bellingham
  • Check-in:  7:00 am (7:15 for Sumas and Maple Falls areas)
  • Pick-up:  5:45 pm (same day, same location)
  • Carrier:  All cats must be in a roomy, plastic carrier or trap that is safe and secure, one towel inside the carrier.  One cat per carrier or trap.

Food and Water Instructions

  • Cats should have access to water at home prior to coming in for surgery.
  • All food should be removed by midnight the night prior to coming in for surgery.
  • Do not put any containers containing food or water in the cat’s carrier or trap when bringing in for surgery.

Print a copy of these instructions.